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customised google analytics reportsBespoke Web Analytics Reports - Customised Google Analytics Reports - Customised SEO Reports

Brandt specialises in designing customised tailor-made Google Analytics reports. He offers a bespoke reporting service for Google Analytics, allowing organisations to outsource Google Analytics report production. Reports are designed and formatted to the organisations own branding and document formats. Once report templates have been created they can be populated from Google Analytics whenever they are needed.

Custom Google Analytics reports are populated with exactly the data the client needs, and in the format they need it. Reports can cover any time periods and compare or cross-reference any data points. Chart and other formatting is dictated by the client's needs.

Reports can be delivered in print-ready format, as a complete document to be distributed by email or for online display. Reports can be amended or the design changed as needed. Charts and other graphics can be designed ready for importing into presentations.

Reports produced include from sales and financial performance, conversion rate analysis, marketing analysis, SEO analysis, search performance, form and cart activity, audience demographics, product performance, PPC performance.


What is a bespoke report?

A bespoke report is a report designed to suit one specific organisation's needs. It offers an alternative to searching through standardised reports from several different sources in order to acquire the information one needs.

A full report of online activity requires integration of data about the website from Google Analytics, PPC activity from AdWords Billing and search engine analysis to determine native listings (SEO). Integrating this data, analysing it, and presenting it in a stuiable format can be a labour-intensive task. Bespoke reporting services allow organisations to outsource the production of these reports.


Benefits of bespoke web analytics reports

Bespoke web analytics reports offer choice

bespoke customised web analytics report ready for printing"You don't need all of the data all of the time, you only need some of the data some of the time."

Adopting a bespoke reporting system means not having to wade through irrelevant data searching for the information you need. Your reports only contain the information you're interested in.

Having a customised Google Analytics report means you can have the information presented in the way you want it - this information in a table, that in a pie chart, some in text, tune to your objectives.

A customised report is ready for reuse. Charts and other items can be designed to your requirements, ready to be integrated into other reports or presentations.

The reporting period covered, the frequency of the reports, what's compared and cross-referenced with what - all tuned to your specific needs.

Bespoke reports can integrate data from other sources

Google Analytics doesn't report the whole story. You still need to cross-reference it with your SEO and PPC activity, as well as your email campaigns, affiliate programs and other marketing programs. Bespoke reports allow you to outsource the integration of this data.

Bespoke web analytics reports are focused

Tailored Google Analytics reports contain the information on which people need to focus. Tuned to an organisation's specific business objectives, tailored reports ensure people's focus stays firmly on target.

Bespoke Web Analytics reports are flexibile

Bespoke reports are tuned to the specific needs of the person or organisation recieving the report. No two organisations are alike, and what Google offers in their online reports doesn't suit everyone.

Reports can be customised to suit a specific role or department, or for specific uses, such as inclusion into powerpoint presentations or other reports.

Reports can be tuned to focus on specific business objectives or provide analysis within an organisation's own performance assessment methodology, such as Six Sigma (especially DMAIC) or activity-based costing.

Tailored web analytics reports are accurate

Google Analytics isn't always accurate. Using customised reports data can be reprocessed to correct for known inaccuracies. For example, defaul security settings in iOS6 means Google Analytics cannot always tell if an Apple users has come from a search engine or not. However, it is possible to correct for this by running key data through a series of reprocessing steps.

Outsourced report production allows for industry benchmarking

An organisation cannot know if its website performance is typical of its industry or sector - there are no published benchmarks. The only way to know if a trend is unique to the site or part of a wider trend is to ask someone who sees data from many sources. Because we produce reports for a range of sectors spanning many countries we are able to compare your performance with comparable others.

Bespoke web analytics reports maintain branding

Web reports can be formatted to follow the organisation's style guide, so that they are ready for distribution immediately, both within and without the organisation.

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