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You need a partner you can rely on - that's us

Web Analytics Training Onsite

Formerly one of Microsoft's senior trainers and with literally decades of experience, Brandt offers some of the best corporate training available.
Our courseware is up-to-date, innovative in approach, and designed to give you practical skills you can use immediately

Customised On-Site Training

Do your people really need to spend a week learning everything there is to know about a topic, or could they be taught only what's required for their job in three days? Trimming courses down to job requirements costs very little, or we can just as easily add additional material to bring in additional information required for a job, but not necessarily worth attending a full course for.

Training When You Need It

Our courses are available on demand, which means you get the training course you need when it suits you. We can deliver the class at your facilities, or we can provide facilities for you, at a location to suit. Good value if you have two students, this is the cheapest option on the market if you have three or more people to train.

Training Courses Available

  • Introduction to Web Analytics
  • Introduction to Google Analytics
  • The Google Analytics API for programmers
  • Custom Reporting in Google Analytics
  • Data-driven marketing with Google Analytics

Student Feedback

"Well timed with enough one-to-one tutoring. The instructor communicates the 'Big Picture' with relevance to Ford. An excellent tutor."

- SW, Systems Programmer, Ford.

"[The course] greatly exceeded my expectations. I very much enjoyed the course material and the instructor."

- TSgt S.G, USAF.

"Very knowledgable instructor, fun to listen to."

- S.C., Senior Consultant, Microsoft.

"I thoroughly enjoyed the course and learnt a lot from it. Brandt is a very good instructor and makes the course interesting."

- A.P., Analyst Programmer, SmithKline Beacham Research Unit.

"The course was well delivered and the instructor showed a good knowledge of the topic."

- D.G., E-Commerce Manager, Baxter Healthcare.


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