Welcome to Dr. Brandt Dainow’s website

Hi and thanks for visiting. Dr. Brandt Dainow is Assistant Professor at the Philosophy Department at The National University of Ireland Maynooth. His research focuses on the digital ethics of future technologies, especially Internet of Things and the Smart City.  He is also a writer, digital consultant and technician.  This website contains information about his research, publications and technical work.

Brandt has a PhD in ICT Ethics and Futureology, combining Computer Science and Philosophy.

As a philosopher, Brandt seeks contact with people interested in extending our understanding of the Cyberspace.  His speciality is ICT ethics focused on autonomy and futureology, primarily via General Systems Theory.  He is the creator of Integrated Domain Theory.

He teaches Philosophies of the Digital Age at Maynooth University’s Philosophy Department and Data Analytics Ethics at Maynooth University’s Computer Science Department.

As a computer scientist, Brandt specialises in Web Analytics, ICT ethics and XML Dialects.

This site contains a range of material, which Brandt hopes is of interest to you.


Dr. Dainow writes for the business community on issues relating to web analytics, digital marketing and search engine optimisation. His aim is to provide actionable information founded on common sense and a deep regard for the bottom line.

Brandt also writes about Cyberspace from a philosophical perspective. His aim is to develop philosophical insights which can underpin society’s thinking about the web, cyberspace and all things digital.

Research papers

The research section contains Brandt’s philosophical musings and publications.  Here you will find the items most likely to be of interest: Brandt’s most frequently cited article: “Necessary Inaccuracies in Web Analytics” and most recent peer-reviewed publications.


Brandt Dainow has been a regular contributing journalist in Web Analysis and Digital Marketing in iMedia Connection since 2002, ranging from introductory articles for the beginner to in-depth analyses of statistical methodologies in the field of web analytics.

Brandt is a regular contributor to RTE Brainstorm.

Many of these articles are reproduced in this website.


Brandt has recently completed a 5-year PhD by Publication at the Maynooth University’s department of Computer Science. This research examined the threats to human autonomy generated by emerging ICT’s, such as Smart Cities and the Internet of Things.  Brandt is grateful to be in receipt of a Hume Scholarship to fund this research.  His central methodology is philosophical, but he incorporates empirical research within a sociological context to determine the “what is” from which to draw philosophical conclusions. More details of Brandt’s philosophical activity can be found in his RESEARCH page.