Emerging Technology Research

Emerging technology research is about developing new services for emerging technologies

A new technology does not exist in a vacuum.  It succeeds only when a business ecosystem of services develops around it.

The mobile phone would not be so successful without shops selling them, repair services, accessories like cases and – of course – many, many apps.

Coming from a commercial background, I have specialised in helping companies develop new services for emerging technologies, including extranets and online shopping.

  • I helped British Telecom develop internet connection services now used by every home.
  • I helped Safeway Supermarkets develop the world’s first supplier extranet.
  • I helped several UK banks develop their first online banking systems.

Current Service Development Research

Virtual Reality

I am currently using the HP virtual reality systems to explore opportunities in the growing VR market.  I have identified a number of accessories which do not exist, but which I think there is a significant market for.  At this stage, I do not think VR systems have matured to the level where they can find widespread use in home or office.  This is mainly because the current versions are too bulky and uncomfortable.  However, the latest developments in VR google technology indicate we may be approaching a time (within 5 years) where VR goggles will be both cheap and lightweight (no heavier than a pair of sunglasses).

Underwater Drones

Underwater drone technology is just emerging.  There is a huge market for this.  Currently underwater drones are mainly used in applications where humans cannot go, and which were previously accessed via cameras on long, cumbersome cables.  So we see drones used in pipe and tank inspections.  However, there is a vast industry of underwater divers carrying cameras for underwater inspection of boats, docks and similar marine elements.  This entire industry can be replaced by underwater drones, which offer the same level of visual fidelity at a fraction of the cost.  Currently there are very few companies offering such services, and none at all in Ireland.

Marine drone service development

I am in the research phase of developing business models for marine inspections via underwater drones.  Later stages will involve exploring the service capabilities of marine robotic attachments.

Phase 1: technical assessment

This phase involves experimenting with suitable drone technology to determine operational capabilities, such as acceptable water conditions, application within the Irish marine environment, technical support requirements, ancillary video editing and distribution, and other aspects of the technologies required to deliver a commercial marine drone service.

Phase 2: market research and service development

Once the technical capabilities and requirements are determined, this phase will undertake market research to determine market need, range of services possible, pricing and marketing/communication strategies.  This phase will also include developing employment requirements, including marine drone operator training needs and commercial powerboat competency licensing provision.

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