Web Analytics Consulting

– conversion rate improvement, persuasive architecture, development of internal analytics processes.
Brandt Dainow has been providing bespoke web analytics solutions for websites large and small since 2000. During this time he has developed a unique expertise in their use. He can use his understanding of web analytics to improve organisational performance online. Or he can help your organisation develop its own web analytics capabilities.

Conversion Rate Improvement

An improved conversion rate means increased income without increased expenditure. Brandt can use his knowledge of web analytics to understand how people interact with your site. He can then recommend changes to the site to improve its conversion rate.

Internal Web Analytics Processes

In many organisations the problem is not the lack of web analytics software, but the organisational structures around them. Does the information flow from those gathering it to those who can action it? In a timely fashion? In a format they can use? Are decisions getting implemented? We understand that technology is useless if it isn’t supported by appropriate business processes and structures. Brandt can help you develop your organisation’s internal web analytics processes.

Web Analytics Development

If you’re running your own dynamic web system, chances are your best web analytics solution will be to create your own web analytics system within the framework of your existing architecture. However (as we have discovered the hard way), database and processing structures for web analytics are not self-evident. We can provide your staff with the expertise they will need to create a successful web analytics system – one which meets your managerial requirements and which offers suitable performance. Avoid lengthy project delays – get the benefit of guidance from someone who’s been there before.

Legal Compliance

These days websites must meet a number of legal regulations, especially with regard to disability access and privacy. For example, websites which sell goods online are required under EU law to be fully disability accessible. Regarding privacy, the EU privacy directive states that websites may not set any cookies without express prior permission of their visitors – a privacy policy does not constitute sufficient consent.  We can check your website for legal compliance, and provide concrete solutions where it fails.