Support summary

1)Using controller 1.2.6, if the faulty camera is connected to the Macbook the controller software locks up and will not respond to mouse clicks.  Disconnecting the camera does not restore functionality to the controller software, it remains locked and will not respond.  Plugging the working camera into the Mac does not restore functionality – the controller software remains locked until the Mac is rebooted.  I then upgraded controller software to 1.4.1.  The controller software now responds to the mouse but the Touch Key does not work, so the camera firmware will not update.

2) The camera Touch Key does not work.  Double-tapping has no effect. TTap the Touch Key three times does not change the indicator light to white, it remains blue.

Below are 2 videos showing that the system will recognise the second camera using the same cable and without restarting controller or the mac.