About Brandt Dainow

Passionate about web analytics.

Web analytics is essential for effective management of web sites.

Brandt started life as a journalist and then moved into sales. He moved into computers in his late 20’s as a self-taught programmer, and then as a technical manager at Microsoft. Eventually he became a strategic consultant in The City of London, helping banks adopt new IT solutions.

Brandt first saw the web in 1992 and the experience was electric. Over the years he has worked as a web designer, programmer, educator and as a developer of new web standards. In the late 1990’s he had a minor role in the development of XML and assisted a number of organisations in the adoption of first-generation XML technology, including the International Atomic Energy Commission, Ford, Microsoft and Unisys.

During the dot-com boom Brandt worked as an investment analyst for venture capitalists evaluating business plans. It was during this time he became aware that none made adequate provision for assessing and improving performance. People had become very good at creating websites, but seemed to think that was the end of the process, rather than just the beginning. To Brandt the key to success lay in what you did once the site was running. This required measurement, analysis, and appropriate response. Since then his commercial focus has been on web analysis. He has developed a number of principles which he believes are fundamental to online success.

Academic Activity – University of Maynooth, ICT Ethics & Futurology

Brandt is researching a PhD at the Department of Computer Science, Maynooth University, Ireland.  His research question is “what are the threats to human autonomy generated by emerging ICT’s?”.  This means looking at the state of the world’s digital technology in 20-30 years.  This work combines futurology, sociology, ICT (and traditional) ethics and philosophy (mainly metaphysics, philosophy of law, philosophy of mind, political philosophy and lots of Kant).

He has published a number of papers during this research.

Internet Society (ISOC)

Brandt is one of the founders of the Irish chapter of the Internet Society and current chairman.