Contact Information

Postal Address

Philosophy Department,
National University of Ireland (Maynooth)
Co. Kildare,
+353 1 7087551

Research Profile

Brandt’s research focuses on current and future threats to human autonomy generated by emerging ICTs?  This research concerns ethical issues created by emerging digital technologies over the next 20-30 years, including Smart Cities, IoT, AI and autonomous systems, smart materials, bioelectronics and robotics.  His approach is primarily seated within Applied Philosophy and combines ethics, metaphysics, sociology, futureology and computer science.  Brandt’s primary influences are Aristotle, Kant, Latour, Bordieu, Nissenbaum, Groffman, Luhmann and Hutchby.

Teaching Profile

Brandt is an Assistant Professor in the Philosophy Department of the National University of Ireland (Maynooth), also known as Maynooth University.  He is an occasional lecturer on ICT ethics and web analytics in the Department of Computer Science.

Technical Profile

Having spent many years hand-coding, Brandt is now a passionate WordPress technician, running roughly a dozen sites for himself and various research and not-for-profit organisations.  His current focus is customisation of the new WordPress editor so as to lock users into formal pre-designed CSS styles.  He is familiar (but unhappy) with Drupal.  He also enjoys playing with Moodle.  He maintains a watching brief on W3C and ISO standards developments and is currently exploring ISO 37122, an initiative for assessing the development of smart cities.