Contact Information

Postal Address

Research Lab 1, Eolas Building,
Computer Science Department,
Maynooth University
Co. Kildare,
+353 1 7087551

Research Profile

I am currently in the final year of a 5-year PhD. My research question is “What threats to human autonomy are generated by emerging ICTs?”

My research focuses on ethical issues created by emerging digital technologies over the next 20-30 years, including Smart Cities, IoT, AI and autonomous systems, smart materials, bioelectronics and robotics.  My approach combines ethics, metaphysics, sociology, futureology and computer science.  My primary influences are Aristotle, Kant, Latour, Bordieu, Nissenbaum, Groffman, Luhmann and Hutchby.

Conference Presentations

  • Ethicomp 2015 – “Digital Alienation as the foundation of privacy concerns”
  • Ethicomp 2015 – “Key Dialectics in Cloud Computing”
  • Ethicomp 2017 – “Smart Cities as Autopoetic Systems”
  • SPT 2017 – “Transcending Ontology in Smart City Analysis”

See publications for papers published from these events